William Pye - Norway Water Pavillion

In May 2011, Artful Logistics Ltd worked closely with William Pye and Benson Sedgwick Engineering Ltd to arrange the transport, shipping and installation of a major new commission in Drammen, Norway.

The Water Pavilion was designed by William Pye and fabricated by Benson Sedgwick Engineering Ltd.

The work, called Vannpaviljong (Water Pavilion) is made predominantly of mirror polished stainless steel and was designed to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of Drammen. It is a water feature with rollwaving water, which hugs the steel sides, and curtains of jetted water between them.


The Water Pavilion was transported to its destination in Drammen in parts. Even so, the size of the piece was so large that careful route planning had to be carried out all the way from Dagenham, London, where it was constructed. This was carried out by Andrew Hewitt (Artful Logistics Director).

Artful had to use two ultra-low height, air suspended trailers as the overall height of the piece was such that there was only a 3.5cm clearance above the load through the mountain tunnels at the docks at Brevik.


The Water Pavilion was assembled on sight in Drammen by Artful Logistics and Benson Sedgwick Engineering using two cranes. It took 7 days to complete the assembly.

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